I love to chat and interact with people

"I love to chat and interact with people. This comes in very handy when I treat patients, specially the kids and elders. Often, I try to get into their shoes and allay their concerns. Some even have misapprehensions about my young age and my abilities. But any day, give me a few minutes with them and they will just ease into my dental chair. It's my dream to become an oral cancer expert and a surgeon at that. I am aware of the challenges ahead, as it's a specialised field with not many women in it. You also typically lose a few years after marriage and that's a step back compared to male competition. But this is common to women in any career and did not stop many to make it to the top. I hope to emulate them in their spirit and achievements. Being independent is very important to me, and so is being alone. I make sure I spend time pursuing my other interests such as dancing, reading and trekking. Specially, I love to go on trekking trips and be one with nature. Out there every step I take on my own brings a smile deep inside. As a dental specialist, I only manage a tiny part of it on a patient's face". #Hyderabad #HumansOfHyderabad

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