I am uneducated and have few options to earn my livelihood

"I am uneducated and have few options to earn my livelihood. But I try to make good with my limited knowledge. For me, it's the season which decides what I should sell. Mangoes, custard apples, blackberries, oranges...I procure anything that is current item and offer them in my cart. Now I am a corn vendor and I hope you like my warm delicacy with lemon in this rainy weather. You could say my life is a struggle every single day. If I don’t wake up at 5 am and get going to the market, I have lost an opportunity to take care of my family. So, rain or shine, wet or hot, mud or sand, my cart is ready, looking for the next sale. I do believe that life isn’t easy for many of us. So I don’t expect any niceties from anyone. All I wish and hope is people at least don’t rob me of my hard earned money...like it happened recently, when one of my customers gave me a bad Rs.500 note and I lost most of my earnings that day".

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