How was it growing up as an Army child?

How was it growing up as an Army child? "It was beautiful! We were always on the move, and when you're constantly thrown out of your comfort zone, panic doesn't strike. You learn there is a way around everything. We're a lot more open minded too, there are a lot of situations where mothers would have to take up all the duties of the house, so there is a greater sense independence.And oh! We had the best parties growing up. We had to cover up our windows to avoid the possibility of militants taking shots at us, when we were in Kashmir, but inside we'd be singing and dancing. There would be an officer driving us, there would one vehicle in front us and one behind, and that is how we would travel to school everyday! It sounds scary now, but I was about 10 at the time and found it so exciting. The one time I remember being particularly scared was in about 2001, the Parliament had been attacked and dad was moved to the border. I couldn't even be sure if I'd see him again."

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