I am used to the ups and downs of my life.

" I am running this mobile sugar cane joint for more than 20 years now. I scout around, pick an open space and set up my stand there. Quite a many summers have gone by from the day I started and every year I hear the same thing...''this year summer is the worst, temperatures are all time high". Not so sure about that, but I can definitely say the same thing about price of sugar cane. I have only seen it going up. And so did the prices of ginger, lemon and ice. I am used to the ups and downs of my life. I was a wagon worker before starting this business. Just when I thought I was settling down, a freak injury made me unfit to lift heavy loads. After some thought, I started this business and it has been my suppport all these years. I make a decent and honest living and my family is proud of it. Once in a while, someone compliments on the neatness of my stand or the quality of my juice. It feels nice when they do it. But even when they don't I can make out that they felt refreshed and hydrated. What's the best way to savour my cane juice? Either during a hot and humid day or after munching a fiery mirchi bajji!"

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