Pottery is the only skill I know..

" I am 90 years old and lived all my life in Hyderabad. I got married when I was still a child...about 5 years old. Our family is into pottery, and that's how I got started with this business. You would be surprised if I tell you that in the initial days we sold a pot at 50 paise and still made money! In those days, mud and sand were free. I have to buy everything now and even if I sell a pot for 150 Rupees, I still don't earn enough. We are forced to take up labour work to earn our livelihood. I have four sons and two daughters, all living on their own. Except my third son, none of my kids are into pottery. I never forced my children to take up this business, I left it to their interest. I am an illiterate and an ' angutha chaap''. Pottery is the only skill I know and I have been at it all my life. My kids made different choices and moved on. In my experience...of all the customers, window shopping kind are the worst. They walk in, enquire the price and move on. Some even bargain at ridiculous prices, as if they want to hear me saying 'no'. I usually don't say anything, not because I don't want to. My betel nut eating habit stops me from doing so. I do have a few regular and good customers, who buy from me and most of the times buy more than one pot. They say it's healthy to drink from earthen pots and it never gives them sore throat. Some say they like the taste of it and fridge water can never match it. It feels nice to contribute to others' well being and satisfaction in some way and that gives me the enthusiasm to continue in this business".

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