and it took me 17 years to become a director.

"When I was directing films, it was one film at a time for me. I never had any dream projects or ambitious ventures. But, people do ask me why I never directed Mythological films. I always felt I am not well read in such literature to attempt such films. So, I confined myself to what I knew best or what I thought I knew best and worked around it. Music, dance, family themes...stuck to me and I made films around them. Particularly, classical music and dance, stayed with me. Even when I am not making films, I make it a point to attend as many related events as possible. I started my career as a technician for 'Laila Majnu' and it took me 17 years to become a director. Did it take too long?... or for that matter receiving the Dada Saheb Phalke Award?. I don't think so. I always believed in putting my best foot forward, and the let the path unfold itself. And it did. From sound engineer to editor...and Director...all happened in good time. I see all and appreciation as a step forward in my path. Dada Saheb Phalke award...may be two steps:) "

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