Believe, doors always open when you take one step forward

"I first participated in a 5km marathon and it changed my life. I never missed a chance to run a marathon after that. After successfully completing 10km Airtel Marathon, I moved on biking and riding. I hold a masters degree and teach Photography in two colleges. Surprisingly, it all started when my dreams of pursuing masters in New Zealand were shattered. Just before the day of my Visa exam, I was run over by a jeep full of drunken revelers. Hell followed but pulled me together. Hit the gym with vigor, re-worked my plans and aspirations and guided myself onto a new path. My passion in photography showed Hyderabad and Hyderabadis in a new light. One thing led to the other, and I became a professional photographer. Running, teaching, photography...all keep me marching ahead in life. Believe, doors always open when you take one step forward"

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