from fat to fit and from mom to a 'Super mom'

"Being Fit isn't seasonal...or a summer special. That's what I say to women and men, who give fitness a shot in off-work season or during kids' holidays. It has to be a daily routine with lots of passion and individual drive, guided by experts. That's how it panned out for me...from fat to fit and from mom to a 'Super mom' I was a mother of two and 37 years old, when I joined the six-pack club. An art gallery hosted my photo exhibition and titled it as "Super Mom". People appreciated my well toned look and were impressed with my fitness technique. Referrals followed and people were keen to train with me. But, it was tough for me as a woman to get the right kind of gym, so I started one. It was a success and soon I had the privilege of guiding celebrities like Upasana, # Taapsee , #Anushka and #Tamannaah. Who am I? Friends and family often ask me this question when I show up in many avatars like an accomplished singer and teacher, fitness trainer, acclaimed body builder, budding mountaineer, a rocking DJ...and above all, a mother. I believe I am an amalgamation of all, and I would be incomplete without any one of them. I am not so sure about how I manage all of these roles now and will manage the new ones in the future. But one thing is for all seems doable, when I hit the gym at 6am!!"

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