I make a decent profit, and lead a comfortable life.

" I think the toughest part as a stall owner, is to pull the customer in. Once she is in, I can provide the best of my service. This is relatively easy for me as I have very good varieties to keep her interested. My stuff is a little expensive because of the quality and design. Yes, a few might comment about the price, but even they end up buying when they see the worth in it. I usually don't hard-sell. I let my wares speak for themselves and display all I have to good effect. Running my own business is very challenging. I need to be on my toes all the time. I am a salesman, a craftsman and an accountant, all rolled into one. There's always something to do, even when I close they stall for the day or for the week. At times, it seems to go and on, with no respite in sight. But, once you get used to it, you wouldn't do it any other way. I make a decent profit, and lead a comfortable life. I have my stall here for the past 10 years and I made some good friends. We eat together most of the times, share our food and it's like a grand buffet. I love this camaraderie and helps me unwind. We don't talk about business, just chit chat. Every now and then, we go holidaying for 2 or 3 days. We do travel out of town, but we prefer local trips more. Going around, watching movies, savouring Hyderabadi food are our favourites. It's great to be a customer once in a while, and my personal favourite is street food. Why? There is no need to bargain and I stepped in too easy for a fellow stall owner."

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