Nuts and bolts were my childhood toys.

"Nuts and bolts were my childhood toys. I even played with tires and technical kits, while my father repaired vehicles in workshop. Soon, I developed an interest in his work and wanted to become a mechanic like him. I also had a group of friends with whom I would hang out frequently. My grandfather did not approve of it...he felt it was a waste of time and he encouraged me when I stayed back in the workshop.
I finished high school somehow and decided I had enough of education. I began working and picked up decent knowledge about motorbikes. Once I was confident to be on my own, I teamed up with my brother and set up this small shop. It's been 10 years now and we managed to survive. Most of our customers are from software field and they are good to us...both in terms of payment and good treatment. Some even show us their new mobile phones and we chat during our breaks.
We work 7 days a week except on Sunday afternoon. But we do take a few days off every now and then. Inspite of what my grandfather told me, I still managed to keep my friend circle intact. I added my brother to this circle too. When time permits, we travel across India to visit our friends. We even visited Kashmir! But nothing beats Hyderabad, our home town. My great grand father settled here first and we love it here."

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