My fascination with engineering began a long time ago.

"My fascination with engineering began a long time ago. We were getting a new house built when I was in the 9th grade. While the initial plan was made for the whole plot, my parents changed their mind to also include a tinier house that we could rent out and the plan of the house had to be changed accordingly. My dad gave me the assignment of making the changes to plan, hoping it would keep me busy and help me learn a little. Growing up with a civil engineer father, I had my basics covered. I made a new adjusted plan, surprising and impressing both my father and the official engineer. And that's when I really took to the field. Although, I was a little disheartened to keep hearing ' gali gali main engineer hain' growing up, I realised very few of them are real engineers with a passion and dedication to the field. So here I am, in the process of becoming a real engineer."

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