I grew up in Ranchi and had a wonderful childhood

"I grew up in Ranchi and had a wonderful childhood. Playing with cousins, flying kites on rooftops, sharing pickles with neighbors, not liking school a bit and playing all day long....lots of such fond memories for me, in our spacious house. One that I recall most is our kitchen grown sugar cane my mother used to give us all. And, something bitter happened later. My father enrolled me in a college in Delhi and I had to live in a hostel. Life was thrust on to me and my sheltered self wasn’t helping the matters. Right from managing my daily chores to dealing with guys who teased us in the bus...everything seemed like a challenge. I could either give in meekly or take it head on. Luckily my roommate believed in the latter and she helped in forging my fighting spirit. One thing led to the other, and I got selected in IPS. Now, I believe that life is a great equaliser and I should treat the accused with dignity. I realised this early on in my career, when the lady inspector who meted out bad treatment to my father, came to me and apologised. I felt my purpose was fulfilled, as that past hurt to my innocent father incited me to join the force in the first place. But beyond that personal triumph and gratification, I began appreciating that life has its own law and order...and we police are custodians of it". #Hyderabad #HumansOfHyderabad

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