I joined this profession at an early age of 12.

My father is a goldsmith and he insisted that I learned the craft. Out of respect for him, I joined this profession at an early age of 12. It was tough managing my studies while I worked at the shop but somehow pulled it off. Soon, I took over the shop, which is 70 years old now.
When I was young there were just 3 or 4 shops in the area. But now there are lots of them, with people from other states as well offering a variety of products. I don't mind at all, as each of usoffersomething unique andcaterto different customers. Myspecialityis pure gold jewelry and I can practically make any design. I maintain acatalogueand show it to my customer. Sometimes they bring downloaded designs from the internet and I am happy to oblige.In gold business, people often mistrust the maker, so when people come regularly to me I feel a sense of accomplishment. As I am a shop owner, some even call me 'Seth'. I take it as a sign of trust in me and get back to my daily stuff.
All my three kids are settled and my only son is into photography. He is doing good for himself and he travels to many places. Most importantly, he is good as a person and loves his two sisters a lot. In a way, I am happy that my father chose the design for my life and equally glad that my son chose his.

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