I am the artist in 'Tattoo Artist'

"Tattooing is an art form and when I call myself a tattoo artist, I truly believe in the word 'artist’. I am also a professional painter with several exhibitions and commercial paintings to my credit. So, whatever I learn and pick up in the other forms of art, I bring it to tattoo painting. 
Most of my clients consider tattoos as a means of expressing themselves and come with strong ideas. I show genuine interest in what they like to project and give them my creative inputs. Over the years, tattooing instruments have improved a lot and now I can pretty much match their wildest expectations. Be it flying birds, unique 3D art or abstract designs, I can paint all of it. Few come to me with apprehensions about tattoos being harmful and even carcinogenic. I allay their fears by educating them about the type of inks that might be harmful and the ones I use. And, if I have a doctor in my studio at that time, it makes my job even easy. This is highly probable, as most of my clients are doctors.
I travelled to many places in India and abroad to learn and hone my artistic skills. When the time came to set up my own studio, Hyderabad was my only choice. I was born and bred here, and everything here inspires my art. I work without a break in my studio and paint what I like or others find interesting. My art never changes, just the medium does...from a canvas to a human body".


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