Road to Victory

"Before I took up this profession, I was a car driver and transport in-charge. Pay and perks were good, but I hardly found time for my personal life. I made a conscious decision then to change my job. I was lucky to get a break as a driving instructor and I have to thank my friend who made the referral. For the last four years, my timings are more or less fixed and as soon as I wrap up my work I get back to my family. I do work on a few Sundays, but most of my evenings are mine, so I am happy.
I lived all my life in Hyderabad. I clearly remember my childhood days near Golconda and Tolichowki and the good times we had. Interestingly, when I was very young, most of the driving school instructors would teach around these areas as they were less crowded. It used to be great fun to watch a car, every now and then, come to a screeching halt, with the person besides the driving seat who applied the emergency brake, huffing and puffing. Now, as an instructor this is exactly what I try to avoid.
Teaching how to drive is tricky at times, as you need to leave students to do their bit, and yet control them when situation demands. But I did okay so far...
But I did it good so far...and if my learning with my baby girl is any indication, I should do pretty good in the future too".

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