'A Nursery in Every Home'

"Our nursery is like a small branch of the Mother Nature. We grow a variety of plants and trees here, and we have our share of wild visitors too....many birds and a few snakes. But we don't mind them and allow them to pass through our world unharmed.
We are into this nursery business for the past 20 years. My husband started it and I joined him later as he needed someone full time to support him. Apart from offering plants and related products like organic manure, pots and others, we also take up projects in homes and offices. Both of us are hands on and have a good idea about which plants work indoor and outdoor and how to take care of them. So, it's easy to suggest the best possible mix for our clients, be it a roof garden or a nice landscape.
We would like to preserve this nursery as a legacy and pass on to our next generations, as everyone in our family deserves this ambience. As a matter of fact, every family in the city should have their share of greenery. People in villages are healthy and many attribute it to trees there. Just as we are taking the best of amenities from cities to villages, it's time we bring something good from villages to cities as well. We are very much impressed by 'Harithaharam' initiative...as we see a renewed interest in people planting trees. The joy of seeing a plant grow is unmatched, and we hope many would experience it in the comfort of their homes".

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