From Nepal to Hyderabad

"I did not study well, and I had to earn my livelihood somehow. So, I left my family back in Nepal and came down to Hyderabad in search of opportunities. Things were not that easy as I worked in many small hotels doing all kinds of odd jobs. I somehow managed to learn cooking and that helped me secure a place in this noodle joint. I am one of the many noodle guys in this area and I try my best to keep up the quality and taste. Luckily, we have a spacious corner and a good menu to attract the customers.
I spend most of my weekdays working but on Sundays I make it a point to visit my sister. I get along well with my brother in law and all three of us have a good time, visiting various temples in the city.
Hyderabad is my home now and I like it here as people are warm and welcoming. Educated and well dressed people stop by to have my food, and it feels nice when they compliment my food items. Though I became a cook out of necessity, I am glad that it has not only given me an identity but also gain a foothold in this world. And I thank God for it".

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