Through the lens of a woman.

"My parents were in the wedding industry, and I got a firsthand knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes. I was fascinated by the elaborate preparations and the range of emotions that one gets to see. This is also the time when I got interested in serious photography and now, I am a professional wedding photographer.
Whenever I say that I am a photographer leave alone a wedding photographer, I still get puzzled looks, especially from the older generation. Early on, I used to find this a bit harsh but slowly accepted that it is a society perception and worked my way through. Later, I also realized that being a woman actually helps me to strike a chord with the bride and her side of things. In most of the Indian marriages girls have more things to do than boys, so this is a definite advantage for me and I pass it on to my clients.
I think all a woman needs is an equal opportunity of expression and if she gets that, her vistas are endless."

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