My heart is in India...

"My heart is in India and Hyderabad is my window to all that is Indian. Even when I was in US for a brief while, I was very clear that I would return soon enough. I went there to study a course in Fashion Merchandising and I am glad I did. It helped me to understand international fashion and also fuelled my imagination. 
When I came back, I was offered the role of a country head in a large ethnic dress store and I couldn’t say no. Things were pretty comfortable... but, I had this strong desire to create something on my own. I left the job and started this boutique. My wife joined me soon and we became a winning team. Any day I consider her a better designer than me and I am happy that she belongs to an industry where many women are ruling the roost.
Fashion keeps changing...and change is a very a relative term. Most of the people I know, replace their wardrobe as frequent as three months. This is an exciting opportunity to play with our designs, fabric and colors to offer something new.  I think we did well so far, if our impressive list of customers from Siddhipet to Singapore, is any indication.”

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