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"I proudly tell everyone that I am from USA (Universal Sangeet Academy) and that my mission is to take music to the people. Parks, cultural corners like Ravindra Bharathi, are my addas and I attract people who are interested in learning to play a flute. I charge a nominal fee of one rupee a day and it is a 100-day course. As soon as someone finishes the course, I ask them to pay it forward by buying someone a flute.
Money and fame are not on my list. So, I politely reject film offers or opportunities to make a fast buck. I quit a well paid corporate job to dedicate my life to music and I would like to keep it that way. My needs are simple and I am content with whatever little I have. For a musical nomad like me, wherever I lay my bag that’s my home...and wherever I teach music, that’s my academy. Admissions are open."
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