I am a Monk

"Respect for Self, Respect for others and Responsibility for all your actions...this is how one gets started with 'Right View', the first step of eight fold path. The rest of the seven steps are for serious followers of Buddhism, but this alone offers lot of solutions to day to day problems. Once we focus on personal responsibility, clarity sets in...and clarity removes stress. I make sure that I touch upon this in all my coaching sessions, especially to the students who appear for competitive examinations.
Being a Buddhist monk does not mean that one is cut off from the society. Infact, compassion is a key aspect of Buddhism, and I find ways to reach out to others. I used to be actively involved in social service projects, related to mentally challenged children. So, when I decided to renounce about 7 years back, it seemed a natural course for me. 
People do ask me why I became a monk. My first reason is that it gives me a lot of time to practice religion without the responsibilities of a householder. I don't even have money or work for it, so you can understand where I am coming from. Second, it gives me a deep contentment that I am pursuing something that I wanted to. Third, the most important of all, is my will to become one. You might be surprised if I say that I initiated myself into monk-hood and disrobed couple of times, just to see how strong my resolve was. Only when I felt I was ready, I embraced it for good. But, whatever might be your choice, to be a monk or a householder, it is the outlook that is more important. Keep knowing more about yourself, and it is quite possible that both of us are on the same path to realization.".

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