Work is my Solace

"I lost my husband at a very young age. He was addicted to alcohol and problems were all he left behind. Things became even worse when my only son lost his leg in an accident. I had to become the main bread earner for the family...and it is never easy at my age and with my hearing problem. I pleaded with an acquaintance of mine and somehow got hold of this job as a sweeper.
My day starts at 6am and I begin my daily routine. It’s a grinding shift and it leaves me with such body aches that it takes me awhile to get back to normal. I would have brushed this physical pain aside if the money earned is good enough. I barely manage an existence and the prospect of a better life is a constant mental nagging. 
But every now and then, when I sit down with my family in our small house, I take solace in the fact I could atleast manage this while there are thousands who do not even live under a roof. I just wish I have more such content moments and hope that I have enough strength in my body to work till my last breath.”
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