Health is wealth.

"I started off small, selling only honey water with lemon, ginger and cinnamon.  My menu expanded as customers themselves suggested me to offer other items like sprouts, health shakes and nutritious drinks. Most of the people who advised me were doctors and nutritionists, so my knowledge in such matters picked up and in turn helped my business. Eventually, I took a stall of my own and now people can find me and my healthy drinks at a fixed location.
I treat customers as my family as they speak to me very warmly. Most of the people who come here are very rich but they never made me feel inferior or treated me badly. They always have a nice word or a courteous remark for me and it is because of their goodwill and affection that I have grown here.
As I got married at a very young age, I dropped out of college and still feel bad for missing out on studies. Education is very important and it could have given me a chance to move up in life. But I see this business of mine as God’s second chance and I am glad to help people in some way. Many lost extra weight or got their BP and diabetes back in check. Health is also a form of wealth...and thanks to what I prepare every day, I eat well and I am upwardly mobile too.”

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