From Dalmatian to Siberian Musk.

"I know quite a few people who don’t go out on vacations as they can’t leave their pets alone. Most of the pet parents treat pets as their kids to the extent that they bereave them as their own. As a pet lover, such feelings and emotions are not new to me. I still call my Dalmatian’s name thinking he is at home, even after his death a few years back. I have a Siberian musk now and I love him like my second kid, but I do miss the elder one.
So, my first priority when someone brings their pet to me is to assure them that I care. Once that is done, rest of the treatment is pretty easy as our hospitals have the best infrastructure. I started my own hospital after 15 years working as a Government Veterinarian. Now, we have 3 hospitals and an impressive list of more than 8000 satisfied customers....and for the past 6 years, we built a very good reputation.
In these days of nuclear families and senior citizens staying on their own...a dog can be an ultimate companion. Just like wannabe parents have concerns about having kids, prospective pet parents might be in a spot of bother. My advice for them is not to worry and go ahead. And, if they need a helping hand, we are there anyway...round the clock."

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