My kids shouldn't be yesterday's news

"Rain or shine, my customers come to me. I sell almost all newspapers and magazines here, to cater to their wide variety of tastes and interests. Some even cancelled their home delivery of newspapers and completely depend on me, so I make sure that my stall is open throughout the year. I start my day as early as 4am and people here have seen me doing it for many years now. If I miss a single day, my regular customers never forget to enquire about my well being.
I am not highly educated or even well read. But for the two hours I spend here, I feel like a knowledgeable man, especially when I answer questions about a magazine or catch the expressions of the people when they get what they want. 
Apart from running this stall, I also work as a car driver for a family. And, my wife contributes her bit with tailoring jobs at home. We both have a simple reason to work this hard...our kids. They should not feel short-changed out of a promising future. Hopefully they won’t, as they are just a few years away from graduation”.

#Hyderabad #HumansOfHyderabad

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