I want to be Dhoni

"Of all the places I visited in Hyderabad I like Zoo a lot. It’s good to see so many animals there. My little brother wants to take me there often on his bike. I like the big motorbikes better, and when I go out with my father, I enjoy the breeze very much. My mother tells me I need to be old enough to drive one and that too after getting a license. I listen to her and I always do.
I am in 2nd standard and go to school regularly, except for a few days when I get sick. Noodles and ice cream are my favourites. Cricket is my best sport and Virat Kohli is my fan. Sorry, I am a fan of Virat Kohli. When I grow up, I want to be a cricketer and be like Dhoni."
#Hyderabad #HumansOfHyderabad

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