Friendly Neighbourhood Paanwala

"I come from a family of paanwalas....both my father and grandfather were into this profession. Often I find that we paanwalas, engage customers in variety of ways, from a simple chit chat to sharing titbits about movies or songs. I am no different. It used to be a lot of fun with my regular customers when I had my own paan shop. Unfortunately, I lost my rented location to metro rail project and now, I am with this big shop. It is a bit awkward to work under someone, especially after managing my own business for more than two decades. But I have a family to support and I am biding my time. 
My daily wages alone aren’t sufficient, and I struggle to earn a decent living. On the brighter side, I am learning quite a few varieties of paans here and this will sure help me a great deal when I have my own shop again. My future is literally round the corner and I don't stop looking."
#Hyderabad #HumansOfHyderabad

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