Festival at work, celebration at home

"When everybody enjoys their festivals, things become very hectic for me...but I don’t mind at all. It is seasons like these that I earn quite a bit and also cover the deficit from other parts of the year. It’s more than a decade since I started off as a Mehandi artist and I am glad that I am still around and relevant. I built a good customer base and now even a lot of foreigners come to me.
But, things were not easy when I started out... and there were many gloomy days when I used to come home almost empty handed. With time and a lot of patience on my side, I went against the tide and carved my own identity. Today I am proud to say that I earn on par with someone working in an MNC or an IT company.
Hyderabad has been my home for many years now and I cannot imagine another place to live in. My husband and my 4 year old are the anchors in my life and never give me a chance to complain. While festivals keep me very busy at work, these two angels at home make every moment worth a celebration.”

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