Men at Work, Kids at Play

"We are a wild bunch, and we do many things included. Weekdays are consumed by serious stuff, so we don't miss the weekends and plan a good fun-filled outing. Play is the main theme and cricket is the best option, as it gives us a decent exercise and we can get started with or without elaborate equipment. When we participate in tournaments, we get all the gear and play like pros. But most of the time, it is like our childhood ‘gully’ cricket...with 3 sticks, a bat and ball... lots of yells and shouts...and no umpires.
Definitely, this is good for team bonding, and we get to see the other in side in all of us...the kid, tucked away deep inside, gets a breather amidst all this nature and comes out in the open. And, when we play like children here, we get better as men at work."

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