My handwoven Life

"Many come for my handloom sarees, shawls and other items. I weave on traditional pit and frame looms and some people prefer my cloth to the ones available in big shops which mix power loom varieties. Most of the designs I make are already famous, named after my native place. My village in Telangana is famous for handlooms and practically everyone there is in this profession. While I am here for a few days every week, my wife takes care of my looms and weaves in our house. My kids pitch in too whenever they can, especially my mentally handicapped daughter.
Apart from weaving and selling what I make, I also spend time with the visitors explaining them about the entire process of weaving. My special audience are children, who are amazed at how the yarn and fabric take shape from almost nothing. They might have read about it in school and now they see it happening before their eyes, and their excitement knows no bounds. My other interesting visitors are the ones who were weavers once or hail from such families, but moved on to something else in life. They wish me well for having carried on with this unique art and craft, against all odds".

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