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"I still remember my first professional shoot. It was for a major IPL team and the subject was a super star...and I walked in like a typical teenager, who thought it was ok if he had brushed his teeth the previous day. Thankfully, the star maintained some distance while I mustered the right equipment and courage. The result was a fabulous picture that launched me as a photographer. 
A few years went by and when I was beginning to feel a bit more like a professional and I was planning and preparing for my shoots well in advance, my first international assignment in Dubai happened. I packed my best gear and had a great time in flight...but when I landed I was told that most of my checked in equipment decided to take a detour. So, all I had was a basic camera with couple of lenses and a drained battery as a bonus. I somehow scrambled a battery and shot my pictures in just 5% of the full charge. Things turned out ok and those pictures further redefined my career.
Now after so many years as successful wedding photographer, I believe in the unexpected as much as the expected...especially with our business revolving around 60-70 days of the year and the emotions that go with a big Indian wedding.But I love every bit that I do. Infact, after 300 odd weddings I shot, I got married again just to capture the essence of our togetherness in all its glory. That’s how much I like what I do and clicking the memories of others mean to me".

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