Getting there in hops

"When I decided to start a company of my own, I was clear that I wanted to make some meaningful contribution to society. Money alone wasn’t the driving force. I realised very early on in my career that there are many ways to earn money when I sold a used car and made close to 20 thousand rupees in half hour, which was my monthly salary at that time, from a gruelling night job.
So, I picked up a domain that I already knew about, had firsthand experience of the pros and cons and was confident that I could address a valid pain point. I zeroed on to the idea of providing drivers for self-owned cars, as I knew enough about cars by then and I also had lots of data on the accidents under the influence of alcohol and sleep driving. Infact, sleep driving is even more dangerous than drunk driving, and we don’t even have a system to crack it down. I was still doing my market research and evaluating my plans when I saw the news of a small girl’s fatal accident in the heart of the city. That’s when push became a shove.
Going from idea to actualization, especially if you are a first generation entrepreneur, is not easy. I am neither a technical guy nor have a mentor and I am investing all my savings accrued from the age of 19. Start-up rate is down as it is with everything in place, so it makes it even more difficult for guys like me.  On top of this, few of my customers want a driver in less than 5 minutes, and sadly I don’t have teleportation technology as of yet. But if it all was so easy, and anyone can pull it off, what's the fun in that?"

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