Shopping for home

"I am the eldest in my family and had to discontinue my studies after 10th class to take care of my sisters. To help me out, my uncle gave me this shop and I relocated to Hyderabad from my hometown in Rajasthan. This shop is all I have and put in my best efforts to make things work. I take very few holidays and work throughout the year.
My ‘kirana’ store might look small, but you will find most of the items available in a super market. I keep a track of the big shops in the neighbourhood and offer competitive prices to my customers. I also provide the convenience of home delivery. So far I have been able to survive against all the competition, both from physical and online stores.
It really pinches me that I couldn’t afford a good education. So, I made sure both my kids are in a good school and hope to see them fulfil their dreams. I have only dream though... to own a house of mine. I am almost there, just short of a small amount.  Would I be able to meet this shortfall, with my ‘kirana’ store alone...I often wonder. "

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