My girlfriend forever

"If our families did not agree to our marriage, she would have remained my girlfriend forever. Sounds corny, but I am sure that’s how it would have been for me. But I am glad that ‘if’ never came into being and we both are happily married and so are our families. It’s great to see my parents' bonding with her parents and that’s what marriages are for, we think. Otherwise for both of is just an official branding for the outside world.
People ask us if anything changed after our marriage. Not really. It’s a bit like moving from a small house to a big house and a few big boss rules... the clichéd wife stuff like ‘stop being messy’ and ‘pull one thing at a time from the cupboard’.  Well, I was behind her for three years before she said yes, so it’s nice for a change that she is after me now.
I feel true feelings can never be expressed. But I guess you do a few things to try and come close to it. For instance, she tattooed something sweet for me on our first Valentine ’s Day. That was a big deal for her as she is afraid of needles. I reciprocated with another tattoo. We still do a few cheesy things like these, after all she is still my girlfriend and we are in courtship, forever".

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