All is well until it rains

"Hyderabad welcomes all.  Anyone can come here and earn a living. I came to Hyderabad almost two decades back. I worked as a salesman in a wholesale readymade shop for more than 18 years and then started on my own. I go to several low income neighbourhoods and sell different kinds of clothes.
Like any business, this has ups and downs, but on good days I wrap up in the afternoon and get back to my family. I have two girls and a boy; all are studying in a Government school. Many of my friends keep telling me to send them to work and make more money. But for me, their childhood is more important than what we can enjoy with their earnings. It does bother me that I can’t send them to private schools with what I make, but the fact that they are getting basic education and enjoy playtime is some consolation for me.
I know I can’t do this forever and age will catch up with me soon. By that time, I hope to set up a small shop and get things organized. But for now, my only wish is that rains shouldn’t disrupt daily life this badly. What can I sell, when my customers are busy flushing out rain water out of their homes?"

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