Edge of Tomorrow

"Sculpting is an ancient art and in golden ages, kings like Sri Krishna Devaraya used to provide everything for sculptors and allowed them to produce great works. The results are for us to see in museums and old temples. Now a days, one has to earn their livelihood as well through this craft. This brings in a lot of uncertainty and one cannot think beyond the daily survival. So, end of the day, it leaves me little time to think about path breaking art.
I wonder, once old people like us decide to call it quits, would there be anyone left to carry the torch forward. If this is the feeling of a person who spent his entire life sculpting and also managed some recognition and awards on the way, would younger guys even consider learning it? This is the question Government has to ponder on and act before it is curtains for this ancient art.
The hardest decision in my life was to cut off my two kids from the art and craft of stone sculpting, which has been passed on to me for over many generations. It was like chopping off my own hand, but I had to do it. I could not tell them to their face ...Work 10 hours a day for a whole month. Pray for someone to buy your art piece. Repeat, for the rest of your lives.”

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