Today is always a good day

"South Indian breakfast and snacks are my specialties. I can make six variants of Tomato bath and that’s a feat by itself. Variety comes easy for me when it comes to cooking but I cannot say the same about my life. It’s been pretty much the same dish, with disappointment and distress as key ingredients, served to me over and over again. 
But the good thing is I am in the twilight of my life and I have no responsibilities. So, I picked up this job in the college canteen. Many students compliment my cooking and demeanor. Maybe, it comes from my diehard admiration of our Legend NTR and his movies. When I was young I used to see all his movies and imitate his dress style and mannerisms. I also had a real-life interaction with him when I worked as a junior artist in several of his films. He even helped me to buy a house, but I had to sell it off to get my daughter married. 
From movies to hotels...from a family life to lonely's been a life full of ups and downs. So, every day over a quarter of liquor, I do wonder how it all came down to this particular scene. Slowly the liquor sets in and I realize....Once you forget yesterday, today is always a good day."

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