My Work is my LIfe

"Work keeps me busy, independent and healthy. At my age, other senior citizens take up walking or yoga to stay fit. I just stick to my regular schedule. My body alarm wakes me up at 4 am and I get ready for the door delivery of milk packets. After a small break and finishing my household chores, I come to work in this hotel. It is like handling guests at a big function. My team and I manage everything, from morning breakfast to evening food items. Everyone respects me for my knowledge and experience, and I reciprocate in kind words. My day ends with a home cooked meal, sharing delightful new stories of my daughter's kids with my mother and son.
My daughter is well settled and enjoys her married life, and I am very glad that I gave her a good education and found a great match. It was a bit of struggle for me when I lost my husband in a road accident when I was just 17 years old. I chose to remain single and take care of my two kids, my boy especially, who cannot speak. I requested my mother to be with me and she stood by me since then. She is very old now, and I take care of her just like another son. 
I better get back to my work and take a look at my 'dosa' batter...not sure, if my new hotel management trainee got it right."

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