Love is all they got

"I never understand why people hate strays and mongrels. They have the right to live as much we do and they mean no harm to anyone. It is a misconception that stray dogs are aggressive, while they merely react to us. If you reach out to them with open hands, they will surprise you with their unconditional love.
My love for these dogs began when I spent some time with them during a beach vacation. My hubby and I had such a great time playing with them that I started a Facebook page dedicated to their love and care. The response I got was phenomenal. Within a short time, many began sharing their stories with dogs... how they picked them up randomly from the street or how they would bump into them and adopt right away...or even take them abroad. These stories and my own experience with the rescue of strays inspired me to start an NGO and I am saving money to make it happen soon. My goal would be to rescue as many dogs as possible and find them a good home.
So, If you are a dog lover, please consider adopting the ones loitering in your neighborhood before spending money on an imported breed. If you are not, just spend some time with any dog, and soon you will realize it is impossible not to love love is all they got.”

#Hyderabad #HumansOfHyderabad

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