Passing on the Brush

"It’s over 30 years since I held a brush in my hand and I hope to do so till my last breath. I specialize in ‘Nirmal’ painting, a rare art, and craft from Telangana. My father, who was a national award-winning artist, was my first teacher. I even took training from my grandfather, so I got the best of both worlds. 
Over the years, I did not limit myself to only wooden paintings ...and extended my designs to trophies, gift items, and other artifacts. Recently, I made 500 gift elephants as mementos for National Children’s film festival. My family and everyone from the village is into this art. My artwork has been showcased in several national and international fairs and in various showrooms. Apart from my regular work, I also function as a museum in charge. Here, I teach students and I trained over 200 students so far. It is heartening to see the interest of youth in Nirmal painting...even IT employees join my workshops. 
I am in great debt to my father and grandfather as they were my first teachers. Our scriptures say that the only way to repay such debt to Gurus is by teaching others...and I am glad to pass on the brush to the next generation.”

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