Festival Of Lights...

"Flowers are soft but I work very hard...especially around functions and major festivals. Infact, I don’t even go home and work at a stretch for 3-4 days during this period. But I cannot crib as such periodic jump in demand is essential to our survival. 
It’s more than two decades now, working in flowers business, with a variety of local flowers. I learned how to make garlands and other arrangements when I was very young and since then, doing it over and over again. My shop owner picks up the flowers at a wholesale market very early in the morning and once the stock comes, it is my show all the way. He treats me with respect and I happily reciprocate.
I have five children, and all are studying now. I scramble just enough for their education and basic comforts. My kids' faces light up when they see me....and it feels like Diwali every time I manage to go home."

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