It's up to you, like always.

"My son finished his engineering and works in the Hi-Tech city. He keeps telling me to take it easy and retire, as I suffer from asthma and other old age ailments. But I like to work and be independent and I insist that I carry on.
I go around the city in search of my prospects and sometimes even travel 40 kilometers in a day to meet them. Nowadays there are not many in the younger generation who are interested in my kind of fortune telling. I make very little money at the end of the day, but I keep at it. 
A few decades back, parrot fortune telling was very popular and even movies used to feature it. Not many are left in this profession now and those around, struggle to make their ends meet. Some customers or passersby even make fun of our way of counseling, but when it happens to me, I simply brush it aside. This is the profession I chose, and the customer is like a god to me. So, once you sit in front of me, both my parrot and I will always do our best to foretell your future...and then, it's up to you, like always."

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