Ready with Treatment

"Whatever happens to me in real life feels like a scene from a movie I watched. For example, when I left my hometown to pursue my dream of being a director, in my first six months in Hyderabad, I came close to starving. Immediately I thought of a Telugu film where the lead actor goes through similar situations. Same to same...when I worked as an assistant director and was insulted badly when I tried to give suggestions to the director.
So, after a few sad and heavy emotional scenes, I decided to pick up a job to survive while I still pursue my main interest. For the past few years, I am working in a medical shop and I have become good at it. This job keeps me afloat and my parents are no longer worried about what I eat or where I sleep.
People like me will tell you that nothing in life is easy. But having a goal puts all hardships in proper perspective. It is like a sweet voice deep inside urging you to move on and keep getting better at the craft. So, I put my ideas to paper and don’t miss an opportunity to narrate to my friends or even my parents when I visit hometown. I try to tie them up with my narrative, though not literally, like in that famous Telugu movie. You remember that scene, right?".

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