I let my customers choose

"I got married when I was very young. It was a love cum arranged marriage. Infact, it was I who took the initiative and convinced the families...and most importantly, my future husband. It wasn’t easy in the beginning to lead an independent life, but slowly we built a home together. Both of us work now and we have a six-year-old daughter. One day, we hope to move into our house of own.
While it is very good to marry the person you love, I regret having missed out on a good education. I hope my daughter fills that void. I would love to see her as a doctor, but it is totally up to her, at the end of the day.
Work wise, I am a sales girl here in the cosmetics section. I try not to hard sell to my customers. I just guide them and let them decide about the products. It’s a bit like what I do with my daughter. I don’t want to rub my unfinished dreams on to her, instead, choose the dreams of her own".

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