Being Sensitive

"I was born in a middle-class family to well-educated parents. I witnessed their rise in stature and become influential people in the society. But my parents never let their position affect me in any way. They taught me the values they hold dear to their hearts and simply allowed me to pursue what I wanted to.  
So, all the decisions so far are mine... barring the admission into boarding school. I was just 10 years old then and all I could think of in the initial days was to run back home. Slowly I got over these feelings, made new friends and adjusted to the new world. I emerged better and stronger...and there was a golden retriever waiting for me to celebrate my homecoming.
I am sensitive to my dreams and instincts and pretty much do what appeals to me. A post-graduation course in journalism, setting up a dancing studio at home, writing, travel, photography....these are some of the things I do. As you explore more and experience life, you begin to realize that there’s another side to being what happens around you and to others. This is something I would like to hold on to...and hope to take an active part in my mother’s NGO" .

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