Few minutes of fame

"When I started working in this joint, I barely knew what bread is, leave alone baking it. Now after eight months, I can rattle off the entire list of bread and variety of menu items, even if you wake me in my deep sleep. 
My days are pretty hectic. I go to college in the morning and come here after that. I work until past midnight and my day ends after we close the shop. Its hard work but I have the satisfaction of earning some money for my needs. I always wanted to be independent, and this part-time job is the first step in that direction.
The other thing I always wanted is to become known and famous. I don’t mean like a very big and popular guy... just being in the limelight for a brief while is good enough for me. Right now, acting seems to be the means to that goal...obviously not a hero or a side hero role...just something that stands out. So, every time I get a breather from my busy schedule, I let my imagination fly into a movie set and bask in my few minutes of fame."

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