I am a full-on tomboy in real life

"I am a full-on tomboy in real life. Right from the time I was a kid, I have drawn huge interest in what boys do. When I was 15 or 16, I took to dancing just like that after I watched Michael Jackson for the first time and it stayed with me since then. I watched all of his videos and practised like mad. Now, I can do his famous moon walk so well that I am called the MJ of my college and I am so proud of it. Being 5 feet 9 inches tall, I have my feet way up the ground and I kind of enjoy the view. Apart from doing my Mass Communications course, I am a restless soul who is on her toes all the time doing something or the other. Jim Carrey is my other big inspiration...so, I keep hopping from one group to the other in the college, and don’t stay put in one place. Though my interests are similar to guys, I don’t compare with them or try to compete with them. I stay in my zone, do what I am comfortable with and have a great time. MJ or Jim Carrey... whoever might be my inspiration, I internalise it, so the drive to do something comes from within". #Hyderabad #HumansOfHyderabad

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