The power of choice.

"I would love to spend all my time with my two little granddaughters and do nothing else. But it’s a luxury I cannot afford right now. This little shop of mine contributes to our family income and it is important for all of us. My business is open from six in the morning to nine in the evening, throughout the week. So, I bring one of my little one's here and we have a good time during breaks.
It’s been 10 years since I started this shop and prior to that that I worked as a daily labourer for 20 years. Most of my life I have been working and I don’t need an astrologer to tell me that it will be any different in the near future. But what’s the point in complaining about the grueling work or dealing with unruly customers...or for that matter, anything.  It’s what I did so far that added a brick to our own house and glued our family together.  So, daily when I walk into my shop in the morning, I simply tell myself that I am here by my choice and that gets me going."

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