Mutual Advisors

"We come from the same college in Nagpur, but we hardly knew each other back then. Even here in Hyderabad...when we moved into the same hostel, at first, I thought she was arrogant and she found me fussy to the core. Now after a few months...we are discovering a lot of fun with the same qualities. Every time I make a big deal with an autowalah over the fare and hustle him to reach our hostel soon, we both have a hearty laugh. Bonding with her is helping a lot in getting adjusted to this new place.
Work-wise we are pretty busy equity advisors in a local firm our weekdays are pretty much taken. We are itching to explore the city soon, especially the nightlife.
But before that, we need to figure out the food angle. It is rice all the way these days and we are mighty worried if we can fit into our party dresses."

#Hyderabad #HumansofHyderabad

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