It's wonderful life

"I come from a very traditional family in East Godavari district. When I grew up, girls in our family were not allowed to go out, not even to school. My father used to say that all we needed was some basic maths to run the house, so why learn anything else? But, somehow I managed to study till 8th class, mainly with the help of our neighbor’s sister, who was a teacher.
Speaking of my father, we would never dare to look straight into his eyes or converse at length. But he loved us all in his own way and made sure we were well provided for. My mother was a caring woman too and she took care of all the seven siblings. Even after our marriages, when we came home on any occasion, she was the same and so was her love and affection.
I moved to Hyderabad after my husband retired from his medical practice. I live with my son now, who is as protective as my father used to be about my health and well being. But unlike my father, he gives a lot more freedom to my granddaughter and it’s always good to hear about her new job or latest achievements. In the end, I have nothing to regret's a wonderful life all along, with family besides me and God in my heart."

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